About the Founder

I couldn't be more proud to introduce you to Jamies. Jamies is more than a loungewear company, it's the self actualization of a lifelong dream. 
As Robin Williams once said, "I stand up on my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way." I love the multifaceted opportunities and challenges afforded by modern generation.  My dream was to be an entrepreneur (how lucky to combine your passion and job into one thing?) but until I created Jamies I thought I would never find the project that I could pour myself into completely. 
The idea for Jamies practically hit me over the head some two years ago. I walked past the mirror and happened to glance at my own outfit and almost laughed at myself out loud. I was wearing my old shorts and an oversized t-shirt. I thought to myself...perhaps this is what it looks like when you "let yourself go?"It sent me on a journey for something that would be both attractive and comfortable and..."me.”
Everything I found fell short. Lingerie felt like I was trying too hard to look revealing, which made the whole thing awkward. I also found plenty of frumpy options. Not to hate on plaid, but nothing says I've hung up my life like an oversized head-to-toe PJ set in holiday plaid.  
Don't they say to make lemonade when life gives you lemons?  From this conundrum, Jamies was born. Though I was sold on this idea, I still sat on it. I sat on it out of fear of failure and a million other excuses I kept reciting to myself. I was blocking my own way until one day I found out I was crazy to delay it, I realized that it was time to jump.
The thing is, I knew nothing about starting a company. I was instantly flung into a world with its own language and rules that I knew nothing about. Little by little, and through an amazing amount of generosity of my friends and their friends, I started putting one foot in front of the other and begin to generate some momentum. Since its inception back in October 2018 Jamies has weathered and became a known brand in its category. It has been the little engine that could even when I thought there wasn't a chance that it would. 
Jamies today is much more than me. It is a team of passionate people who believe in creating comfortable and flattering sleepwear for the modern generation and a brand that everyone can trust. I'm proud of what it has become and of the impact each team member has made on Jamies. How Jamies goes beyond fabulous sleepwear but how it is a dream come true and how sometimes when you jump you find out you can fly. 
Shashi Sindhu 
Founder and creative director at Jamies.in